Munich´s Christmas Markets

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During the four weeks before Christmas, the advent season, many different Christmas markets are held in Munich. They can be Bavarian style, medieval or modern Christmas markets. Everywhere in the city and nearly in every part of the town Christmas markets are held either during the complete four weeks before Christmas or just for one weekend.

In small wooden cabins that serve as market stalls, decorated with fairy lights, arts and crafts as well as many delicious Christmas sweets are on offer. The central meeting point is usually the bar where hot spiced wine (mulled wine) will be served.

Many charities present themselves on Christmas markets and sell self-made goods to collect money for the purpose of their charity.

Music is very important on Christmas markets, too. Usually local groups and bands play traditional German Christmas carols and people will be invited to join in which gives the Christmas market a real romantic touch.

On 6 December Santa Claus will visit the Christmas markets, giving small presents to the children.

Christmas markets are very popular among Munich locals. They meet there with family and friends to get a break from the pre-Christmas stress and to meet once before the end of the year. And when it starts snowing Christmas time will be perfect.

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