Ohel Jakob Synagogue

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Jüdisches Zentrum Jakobsplatz Hauptsynagoge Ohel Jakob
St.-Jakobs-Platz 16
80331 München

Ohel Jakob Synagogue

Since 2006 Munich has a synagogue again. It is situated at Jakobsplatz right in the centre of Munich not far from Viktualienmarkt and Marienplatz. The building is part of the new Jewish Centre consisting of the synagogue, a nursery, a school, a restaurant, and the Jewish Museum Munich. The name of the synagogue is the same than the old one which was destroyed in 1938 during the Kristallnacht. The Jewish Centre accommodates today the second biggest Jewish congregation in Germany.

The base of the modern building is symbolizing the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem. The cube structure of the building is made from steel which has the form of stars of David. Inside the synagogue cedarwood from Lebanon and rocks from Jerusalem were installed. Like all synagogues the Ohel Jakob Synagogue, too, is directed towards the east.

In 2006 three days after its inauguration the synagogue was opened to the public. There was an enormous interest and the queue of people who wanted to visit the synagogue was several hundred meters long.

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