Tierpark Hellabrunn (Zoo)

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Tierpark Hellabrunn
Tierparkstr. 30
81543 München

Tierpark Hellabrunn (Zoo)

In the southern part of Munich, in the borough Untergiesing-Harlaching Munich´s zoo is situated in the right bank of the river Isar. Being close to the river many streams actually go through the zoo and there is even a small lake.

Munich´s zoo Hellabrunn is a Geo-zoo, i.e. all animals from one continent live in one community. Therefore the zoo has several pavilions which are called polar world, the big aviary, the section Asia, Australia, Africa and Europe as well as the jungle-, giraffe-, elephant-, tortoise- and the rhino house. There are several aquariums and the monkey world.

The history of Munich´s zoo Hellabrunn

Hellabrunn zoo was open in 1911. The elephant house which is still today in use was constructed during that period. In 1922 the zoo had to shut down due to a lack of financial resources. In 1928 a new investor was found and Hellabrunn zoo was reopened, this time as a Geo-zoo. Hellabrunn was one of the first zoos that implemented the Geo-zoo concept. During the Second World War Hellabrunn suffered from heavy bombings where some animals died. In 1945 the zoo reopened but they only had a very small budget. Only in the 1980s redevelopment and reconstruction where started.

Today Hellabrunn presents many shows and attractions. Even films are made in the zoo as Hellabrunn has a close collaboration with The Munich University of Television and Film.

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