Feringasee (Feringa Lake)

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85774 Unterföhring

Feringasee (Feringa Lake)

About one kilometre in eastern direction of the Munich suburb Unterföhring there is the Feringasee. It has a size of about 32 hectares and the grounds around the lake cover an area of 21 hectares.

Feringasee is the result of the construction of the motorway and was built between 1974 and 1976. Later the grounds became a recreation area with a surfing area, volleyball courts, a beer garden, a sandy beach and several play grounds.

In the southern part of the lake there is a separated swimming area and barbecue facilities as well as a kiosk and a beer garden. The peninsula is a complete nudist area and on the eastern banks you will find the volley ball courts, the playgrounds and another restaurant. Towards the south of the lake there is an area for disabled people and wheelchair users. The surfing area is situated in the north of the lake.

* Photo: By T. Schoop (Own work) [GPL], via Wikimedia Commons



* 1) Photo: By T. Schoop (Own work) [GPL], via Wikimedia Commons

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