Luß See (Lake Luss)

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Luß See & Birkensee
81249 München

Luß See (Lake Luss)

Right next to Langwieder See the Lußsee was built from 1995 to 2000 due to the gravel excavation for the construction for the motorway ring around Munich, the A 99. In the south and in the east of the lake a natural habitat was layed out and in the north and west of the lake there is an extensive area with meadows and grassland. Lußsee is situated between Langwieder See and Birkensee. In the northern part of the lake there is a gravel beach, a promenade and a kiosk. The water of Lußsee is crystal-clear and in 2010 it was the cleanest lake in the Munich area.


Only 200 meter north of Lusee there is the small lake Birkensee with a size of about 4.6 hectares. Birkensee has the same roots as Lußsee, only that the gravel was used for the construction of the railway in 1938. It is situated in the territory of the parish Bergkirchen in the district Dachau. The entire lake and its meadows are a nudist area.

* Text (excerpt) from Langwieder Seenplatte from Wikipedia (übersetzt) [CC BY-SA 3.0]), List of the authors

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