Altes Heizkraftwerk Munich (Old Heating Power Work)

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Altes Heizkraftwerk
Rupert-Bodner-Straße 1
81245 München

Altes Heizkraftwerk Munich (Old Heating Power Work)

The former Aubinger heating power work is an industrial building in the Munich part of town of Aubing in the Rupert Bodner street which stands under conservation of monuments and historic buildings since 2007.

The power station was planned in 1937 as a part of an incomplete remaining industrial plant of the national railway and was built from 1940. Archaeological excavations were carried out before to open parts of an ancient bavarian graveyard. During the war the national railway plant were bombed in Aubing, after end of the war the plant remained at first unused. In 1952 a rebuilding of the hall occurred through the German Federal Railroad to the heating power work. Since its closing, probably twelve years later, the hall stands empty. In the 1990s Techno parties took place in the building, among the rest, with Monika Kruse as a DJane.

In 2005 the road society of Vivico at that time sold the hall with the 20,000 square metre area with protected stock of trees to the mineral oil company and filling station operator Allguth who wanted to furnish here company headquarters. The planning was carried out by the Munich architect´s office Haack and Höpfner, in 2006 a building application was submitted. But they gained no approval. Allguth resold it in the end of 2010 / in the beginning of 2011. State March, 2011 the new owner is not known.

The hall is 45 metres wide and 25 metres high. The facade of three building sides preserved in the original state exists of brick masonry which is dominated by 20-metre-high window tapes. The window walls and the neoclassicistic cornice in the roof consists of Nagelfluh-conglomerate. The west facade is a substitute construction from the 1950s. The bad condition of the hall, particularly of the roof, was a subject in the responsible regional committee Aubing-Lochhausen-Langwied in November, 2010

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