Cultural Centre Gasteig - Munich Philharmonic

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Cultural Centre Gasteig - Munich Philharmonic

The biggest cultural centre in Munich is the Gasteig in the borough Haidhausen. Originally steps that led from the banks of the river Isar to a church close by were called Gasteig. On about 23,000 square metres the cultural centre hosts several concert and event halls, the municipal library, the municipal school of music (Konservatorium) and the Volkshochschule (an adult education centre).

The history of the Gasteig

After the Second World War Munich did not have a concert hall because of the extensive destruction to the city. Even the buildings of the municipal library and the adult education centre did not exist anymore. In 1978 the construction works of the cultural centre started. The plan was to combine several institutions under one roof. The building was designed by the architects Raue, Rollenhagen and Lindemann. On 10 November 1985 the Gasteig was opened with a concert of the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra.

The red brick building is still a controversial issue among Munich natives. However it is one of the most frequently visited cultural centres in Germany.

In the summer during the International Film Festival the Gasteig gets rather Mediterranean. After 10 pm in the courtyard of the cultural centre a film will be presented on a big screen. The Open-Air-Event is free of charge and very popular among Munich natives who enjoy the film sitting on benches or on blankets on the ground.

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