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Despite the approach of Munich city council to reduce traffic in the city centre there are several parking areas right in the centre of Munich. A disadvantage is the high price you will pay for parking and car parks.

In general we can advice you as longer you plan to stay in the city centre of Munich the more public transport will pay off.

And you can leave your car in one of the park+ride car parks.


The Munich Park+Ride System is divided in two sections: In the urban area of Munich you have Park+Ride-facilities. Here you can leave your car and have a direct connection to the city centre with the Munich underground (U-Bahn).

Who wants to leave the car outside of Munich can use the Park+Ride facilities in the suburbs of Munich. Many stops of the suburban railway (S-Bahn) that lead right to the hinterland of Munich offer Park+Ride facilities. Parking is free of charge and you only need to pay for your public transport ticket.

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