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For those who are interested in arts and antiques Munich has something to offer. Besides many junk-shops that you will find nearly in every part of town, there are also auction houses and several markets.

The art & antique fair (Kunst & Antiquitäten-Messe)

For more than 10 years the art & antique fair (Kunst & Antiquitäten-Messe) takes place in the ball room of a brewery at Nockherberg in Munich. Here you will find works of art from gothic and baroque ages as well as Biedermeier and Art Deco. You will find all sorts of collections glass, chinaware, watches, jewellery, furniture and textiles as well as paintings and sculptures. The art & antique fair takes place once a year in autumn.

Here you´ll find further Informations about the Kunst & Antiquitäten-Messe

Antique Palace Munich (AntikPalast München)

Another important location is the AntikPalast (Antique Palace) in Munich. Situated in the Euro-Industriepark, on more than 2000 square meters, with about 40 antique shops, you can browse for antiques, arts and other curiosities. The Antique Palace is opened Friday to Sunday.

Here you´ll find further Informations about the AntikPalast München

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