Flea Markets in Munich

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Maybe flea markets in Munich might not be as spectacular as in other German cities, but they have certainly a wide range and good bargains.

Flea market Theresienwiese

The most famous flea market in Bavaria is held every year on a Saturday at the end of April or beginning of May at Theresienwiese in Munich. On this day the vast square in front of the statue of Bavaria is covered with colorful stalls. There you can find all sorts of second hand useful things and curiosities.

The “reliable“ flea markets

Every Saturday in the car park of the Olympiapark (the Olympia-Parkharfe) a big flea market takes place. Besides regular vendors many locals use this flea market to sell the stuff they want to get rid of. Therefore this flea market is always good for a surprise and good bargains.

A similar market is held in the borough Riem which is said to be the biggest flea market in an open area in Bavaria. On a nice day there is an immense offer on the open space in front of the Exhibition Centre Messe München International.

The early bird catches the worm. Both flea markets start at 6 a.m. and close about 4 p.m. There are held nearly throughout the whole year.

Backyard flea markets

Amongst Munich locals backyard flea markets are very popular. They are held between April and July always in a separate part of Munich. Besides a good bargain you get the chance to look at beautifully arranged gardens and backyards. During the day people offer coffee and cake or a glass of sparkling vine. It is an excellent opportunity to get to know neighbours and Munich locals.

The backyard flea markets in the borough Schwabing, Haidhausen and Glockenbach are te most popular ones. But the backyard flea markets in all other parts of Munich are certainly worth a visit, too.

Here you can get further informations and upcoming dates of the backyard flea markets

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