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The continuation of Ludwigstraße, is Leopoldstraße a major boulevard of King Ludwig I of Bavaria, north of the Siegestor. In 1891 it was named after Prince Leopold of Bavaria, after the incorporation of Schwabing.

Buildings along Leopoldstraße are less impressive than along Ludwigstraße but the boulevard is lined with poplars and one will find more coffee bars and restaurants when getting closer to Münchner Freiheit. To see and to be seen is important in this part Munich.

About half way between Siegestor and Münchner Freiheit stands an oversized statue of a walking man by the artist Jonathan Borofsky. Among the shades of the Walking Man street artists sell their works of art and on the other side of the road there is a second hand book market.

Lepoldstraße is a location for various events, parades and procession such as the Munich Marathon in October. Even after major sporting events the boulevard of Schwabing is occupied by celebrating fans.

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