Bad Giesing-Harlaching

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Bad Giesing-Harlaching
Klausener Straße 22
81547 München

Bad Giesing-Harlaching

Bad Giesing-Harlaching is located directly nearby the training area of the FC Bayern Munich.

In this indoor-pool, the focus lies on sport and fitness.

A 25-metre-long swimming pool with an always separated sports swimming lane, a beginners´ pool, a sports & fitness basin and a variety of water gymnastic offers are available (liable for costs).

* Photo: Quelle: SWM/Götzfried



* 1) Photo: Quelle: SWM/Götzfried

* 2) Photo: Quelle: SWM/Götzfried

* 3) Photo: Quelle: SWM/Götzfried

* 4) Photo: Quelle: SWM

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