Müller’sches Volksbad

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Müller´sches Volksbad
Rosenheimer Straße 1
81667 München

Müller’sches Volksbad

The new-baroque Jugendstil-Building (Art Nouveau) was with its completion in 1901, the biggest and most expensive swimming-pool of the world and the first public indoor swimming pool in Munich.

The building has a tower with reserve water, which also holds the hydraulic pressure steady. It has two pools: The bigger pool is 31 × 12 m and was originally the "men´s pool", the smaller pool is about 18 × 11 m and served until 1989 exclusively as women´s pool. Both pools are separated along an axis which is a mental continuation of the way to the swimming-pool.

The big pool is crowned by an impressive barrel vault. Unusually for today´s swimming-pools the wooden cabins are all around the pools and grant direct admission to these. Since its building the bath contains a Roman-Irish steam bath.

* Photo: SWM/Jorge Royan



* 1) Photo: SWM/Jorge Royan

* 2) Photo: SWM/Götzfried

* 3) Photo: SWM/Götzfried

* 4) Photo: SWM/Atelier Stigloher

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