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In summer the Dante-Freibad offers several swimming pools: A 50-m swimming pool suited for events, a sauna area and a naturism/nudism-area. In winter the Dantebad outdoor swimming pool changes to a 50m-pool with approx. 30 degrees (Celcius). Great, to swim in the warm water while it´s cold outside!

There is a wellness area with a streaming spinning top and a water massage. In the entry area of the Dante-Freibad is a fitness space with about one dozen training devices which is included in the entry price. The Sauna ticket also includes the use the swimming-pool and the fitness space.

* Photo: SWM/Peter Zeidler



* 1) Photo: SWM/Peter Zeidler

* 2) Photo: SWM/Peter Zeidler

* 3) Photo: SWM/Götzfried

* 4) Photo: SWM

* 5) Photo: SWM/Kerstin Groh

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