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Claude-Lorrain-Straße 24
81543 München


The Schyrenbad is the oldest outdoor swimming pool of Munich. The bath was opened in 1847 as an urban outdoor swimming pool and pure bath for men; only from 1938 women were also admitted in the bath. The swimming pool was fed with Isar water by the Freibadbächl, a fork of the Auer Mühlbach, a little Isar city brook in Munich. In 1855 the bath was destroyed by a high water; since 1877 it carries the name Schyrenbad.

During the Olympic games 1972 the Schyrenbad acted as a training site for the athleths, which led to extensive renovation works prior to the games. From 2006 to 2007 the bath became once more general-refurbished and a second pool was built. Now it has two swimming pools and a water children´s slide.

* Photo: SWM



* 1) Photo: SWM

* 2) Photo: SWM

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