Freibad West

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Freibad West
Weinbergerstraße 11
81241 München

Freibad West

The generous layout of the outdoor swimming pool Freibad West meets all the wishes: There are two big swimming pools, an experience pool with a streaming path, a water mushroom and massage nozzles at the floor, a 64-metre-long water children´s slide, a jump area with 1 - and 3 metres diving boards, a paddling pool, many trees, field and fun without end...

* Photo: SWM

Text: www.swm.de



* 1) Photo: SWM

* 2) Photo: SWM

* 3) Photo: SWMGötzfried

* 4) Photo: SWM

* 5) Photo: SWM

* 6) Photo: SWM

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